It all started over two decades ago when Steve's good friend, Jeremy said, “Steve, I'm curious to see how you are going to combine your passions for music and film & video production.” Well that is what has happened with the formation of Rhythm & Light.

Steve has always been passionate about music. He played drums at a young age, piano, violin, and participated in the Kenwood Academy High School choir led by Lena McLin, the niece of the founder of Gospel music, Thomas A. Dorsey. This choir turned out some amazing talent throught the years, and performed a wide variety of music including Classical and Gospel. Lena McLin also appeared on Steve's father's show, Jubilee Showcase, which aired on the Chicago ABC local affiliate television station, WLS-TV, from 1963 — 1984. Needless to say, Steve took in a lot of Gospel music as a kid, along with a wide spectrum of other forms of music.

He was exposed to artists such as Santana, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, The Police, etc. and found himself being drawn to Jazz, specifically John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock, and Latin Jazz moving into adult-hood. He has since found his passsion with playing the congas, always feeling rhythm flow through him, hence the Rhythm in the Rhythm & Light.

Being the son of an Emmy Award winning producer and Civil Rights activist, Sid Ordower, Steve grew up with a sense of producing, along with a deeply felt desire to bring harmony and unity to the world. Steve is passionate about doing this through film and video production, especially through documentary work, since it is so powerful with bringing people into one another's experiences. It was Steve's good friend and colleague, Rollie Hudson, who came up with the name of Rhythm & Light as the two teamed up to work together on the Jubilee Showcase documentary project. Since then, they have shot several notable interviews, teaming up with Greg Jackson to shoot them, and Steve brought in Jan Muller to co-edit the trailer for this project.

While continuing to work on the Jubilee Showcase project, Rhythm & Light got involved with the Genesis Project (created to bring about unity through the arts with Jewish, Persian, and Arab peoples), and branched out into dramatic film working with Director Phil Donlon on Wrestled, and The Man in the Silo.

Since then, Steve has met several people in the industry that share his commitment to quality and integrity. Rhythm & Light is not merely a production company, but also a structure for seasoned professionals to empower one another.